How to Restore deleted items in Outlook?

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If you accidentally delete an email that you needed, Recover Deleted Items command can help. Some deleted items, like messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, and notes, can be recovered even if the Deleted Items folder has been emptied or you’ve “hard deleted” an item by pressing Shift+Delete. This feature doesn’t work with POP3 or IMAP accounts and  requires a Microsoft Exchange Server account.



In case you are using Office 365 or any other Exchange-based client, you can also restore deleted items using the Outlook Web App. Look for Recover deleted messages or items in Outlook Web App for more information on the same.

1. Go to Folder > Recover Deleted Items.

2. In case you can’t locate Recover Deleted Items, you’re either not using an Exchange account or you don’t have a folder selected in that account.

3. Select the message you want to recover, and then go to Recover Selected Items .


1. In order to select multiple items, press Ctrl as you select each item, and then click on Recover Selected Items.

2. Recovered items are restored to the folder you’re working in.

 3. The retention time for deleted items is specified by your Exchange administrator. When this time elapses, deleted items cannot be restored.



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