Error Code 0x80070005 or an “Unlicensed Product” Notification shows up

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In case you don’t have the latest version of Office or if your Office license isn’t the latest , error code 0x80070005 or an “Unlicensed Product” notification comes up.



1. Checking for a current Office license

For a home user –

Verify that your computer is listed under Install Information after signing in to your account page. If this is not the case, reinstall Office in order to get a current license.

For a business user –  

 After signing in to the Office 365 portal, click on Settings > Office 365 settings.

Check if the The latest desktop version of Office is listed under the Assigned licenses section.

If this is not the case, contact your admin to assign an Office license to you.

2. To get the latest version of Office

  1. Open any Microsoft Office application (like Word or Excel).
  2. Go to File > Account.
  3. In the Product Information section, click on Update Options > Update Now.

Note :  In case you don’t see Update Now, go to Enable Updates option in order  to turn on automatic updates. Then, go to Update Options > Update Now.






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