How to change location mode on my Android device?

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asked Mar 6, 2015 by anonymous
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You can use different modes when you turn on location for your device. Each mode uses different sources to estimate your device’s location. You can allow apps to use this information to provide location-based services, such as the ability to check in, view commute traffic, or find nearby restaurants.



Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Under “Personal,” touch Location.
  3. When the switch at the top of the screen is Off, your device location isn’t shared with any apps.
  4. When the switch at the top of the screen is On, you can select one of the following modes:
  • High accuracy. High accuracy mode uses GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and other sensors to get the highest-accuracy location for your device.
  • Battery saving. Battery saving mode estimates your location using low battery-intensive location sources, such as Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Device only. Device only mode estimates your location using GPS only. It doesn’t use Google's location service to provide location information.

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