Computer unexpectedly wakes from sleep at a certain time every day

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asked Feb 19, 2015 by anonymous


A computer running Windows 7 unexpectedly wakes from sleep or resumes from a power saving state at a certain time every day. This problem does not occur if the computer is completely shut down.

This issue occurs when the update function of Windows Media Center starts automatically.


To resolve this issue, change the schedule settings of the update function in Windows Media Center. To do this, follow these steps:


  1. Go to Start.
  2. Click All Programs, click Accessories, click Systems Tools, and then click Task Scheduler.
  3. In the Task Scheduler window, expand Task Scheduler Library.
  4. Expand Microsoft, expand Windows, and then select Media Center.
  5. In the center pane, find and then double-click mcupdate_scheduled in the Name column.
  6. The mcuupdate_scheduled Properties window opens.
  7. In the Triggers tab, select the task that is triggered daily, and then click Edit.
  8. In the Edit Trigger window, select At log on in the Begin in the task list, and then click OK.
  9. In the mcupdate_scheduled Properties window, confirm that At log on is shown in the Trigger column, and then click OK.
  10. Close the Task Scheduler window.

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